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Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

They say everyone has a story, and that’s precisely why the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast was created. I want to share the fantastic stories and journeys that unite anglers and provide the globes experienced and novice with the stories of those who have created a product, service, or niche within the fly-fishing industry. The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast digs deep into the stories and journeys to uncover the hard and real facts in what it took to get there. We highlight both the successes and failures it has taken each angler to reach their current state and explore what is coming in their future endeavors.

May 28, 2019

Fly Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with Brad Befus on the history of the world's best fly lines, and learn the roots of SA. Brad shares with us the current technologies that go into making all the lines along with what was started in the past, is still in use today. He talks about the demands globally for the new Amplitude series of fly lines and how they are changing your casting game to go further, faster and better. This is an episode you will not want to miss out on for any angler. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit